Our Services

We believe that the world has enough nefarious seriousness to fill the horizon and we say bonjour to a progressive performance marketing squad that not only gets work done, but goes above and beyond to make it the best of the lot. Our religious drive for excellence throws mediocrity out of the window with a beautifully inquisitive team of techies that take every problem, query, and challenge head on.

We are here to transform the Advertising industry

Performance marketing isn’t a game of two halves and a handful of clients. Our dreams fly higher than a huge billable and luring in new accounts—it is about transitioning the advertising and performance marketing industry from the shackles of conservatism to a holistic world; a world full of opportunities for everyone with every ad you run, every copy we write, and every penny spent. Great things take time, and we are in it for the long haul when it comes to driving this change in the industry of performance-based marketing and advertising.

Email Marketing

An immaculate email marketing mechanism is empowered by the connection between you and your audience. Our techies host strong & personalized campaigns that target the pain point to obtain perfect results. Need to send out emails on a large scale? We identify your customer clusters and segment your prospects for razor-sharp impact.

SMS Marketing

Research shows that 98% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of being sent, and you are still getting left on ‘Read’? Salvage the most out of this highly engaging channel of direct communication with our zeroed-out SMS campaigns. Our text messages surely ping in your prospect’s inbox and with astute copies, we convert them to clicks.


There are a billion keywords on the internet and we scour through each one of them to find the perfect one for you—that’s it. With our focus on keywords that convert, our progressive Google Ads strategy across PPC platforms gives your money a run for the stars. Witness traffic with high intent striking your landing page and earning you money.

Native Ads

Why wait for your customers to come to you when you can reach where they are? With Bonjour’s ad techies on their toes round the clock, they burn the midnight oil and save your budget. Our native ad campaigns draft up your ideal lead sketch and find out what they are browsing for—be it news, fashion, shopping, or social—and pitch your offering at the right time.

Programmatic Advertising

Why spray and pray when you can segment it and let them in? Say bonjour to the latest method of automated advertising that our techies swear by. We segment audiences and you only pay for every lead that fits your character sketch—as our systematic algorithms revolutionize this medium of media buying. Did we tell you that the ads are completely personalized?

Content Marketing

Our copies don’t just sell stuff; they rock the audience’s world. Engaging content is the reason behind 30% more growth and a 10% retention rate. While you crunch the numbers, our copy-squad will be in the jamming room auditing, refining, and refreshing your content. Not only would it climb up the search engine ranks in keywords of your choice, but it’s going to be there for good.

Data Cleansing

Your data might be rich, but it’s time for a laundry day to clean it up. Say bonjour to the all-in-one data cleansing mechanism, starting from de-duplicating data, flattening out the irregularities, adding values that went amiss, and deleting anything that’s erratic. No matter how humungous the data might be, we run it through with a fine-toothed comb, making it machine-ready for your next step.