Web Development & Design

At Bonjour Techies our web development team are the real experts. Our websites are stable, secure and strong and with the use of our platforms.

Through the use of our knowledge on multiple platforms, we can deliver the website that suits your needs and requirements, keeping your business and brand image alive.

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Traffic coming to your website can be driven by search engines, with 80% coming from Google.

By utilising our SEO services and optimising your website and content, you can boost your ranking, making it easier for searchers to find what they’re looking for, you!

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Social Media Marketing

Bonjour Techies will assist you in increasing your social media presence. Through tailored marketing and content plans alongside paid advertising you will soon be reaching wider audiences.

You can get the most out of your social channels knowing to get social media to work for your business.

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Business Development

Bonjour Techies will assist you in developing your business, and will mentor you in forecasting, planning, implementing, and reporting.

To help you grow you need the right information, knowledge, and advice. The years of business experience we have means that you will be in safe hands and will have a trusted partner.

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Google AdWords (PPC)

PPC Advertising, or, Google AdWords campaigns, ensure that your website, products, and offers get to the top of Google search. This will direct more traffic to your website.

We constantly test and measure the performance of your ad’s so you can maximise your results and increase online sales.

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Data Analysis and Reporting

You can look at everything from trends to how well your website is performing. Also, you can make market comparisons to make sure you are always being competitive in your field of work.

Reporting is the perfect way to make sure you are reading and understanding the results of your analysis.

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