It’s not just a culture,
it’s the way of life.

What makes us different from a group of people you can find anywhere you walk in? We respect the fact that before these people are techies, they are humans. They deserve the boost of positive energies and we thrive off from it. If there’s something that makes you happy, you leave your post and get it done, because our culture is BOTH work and play.

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You can be serious without a suit:

As long as you have your game face on, we don’t care if you are wearing an Italian cut or your football team’s jersey. We believe in making a killing with a focused mind and a determined heart—the only virtues needed to achieve greatness.

We put people first, always:

No matter what the workload is and what your plate looks like, we won’t stop you from doing what makes you happy. Those positive vibes empower us and our spirit comes from you. So go on, hit the gym at 6 PM, or have a quick gaming session in the middle to get your juices flowing. For us, you are always first.

Great just isn’t good enough:

Our pursuit starts from ground zero but the sky is our oyster when it comes to where we wish to go. There’s no cap in making mistakes as every failure is nothing but fuel to success. Join us in our pursuit of greatness excellence.

Endless Opportunities, One Bonjour.

The fact your dream job comes with the frills and thrills of success and of course, a balance of work and life, your hustle is all set to be revolutionized. At Bonjour, we are always on the hunt for bright-minded techies who can help us in everything work and fun. If you think your ideal workplace can be imagined as an enigmatic source of opportunities where the world is your oyster and you can get a million opportunities to grow up the ranks, then look no further. Check out the career opportunities at Bonjour Techies and hit us up with your resume, we will surely get back to you with what you can do with us.


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Email Deliverability Manager

Gurugram, India

Email Campaign Analyst

Gurugram, India

PPC & Social Media Manager

Gurugram, India

Content Writer

Gurugram, India

Wordpress Developer

Gurugram, India

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